What is PixelRamen?

PixelRamen is an easy-to-use creative application
that empowers you to quickly and easily create awesome pixel art for personal, social media, or commercial projects – all in real-time.



Import an image, photo or animated GIF into a layer.


Spice up your creations with effects like Pixelate, Dither, Lens Distortion, Bloom, Filters and more.


Export in multiple resolutions as an image, or as an Animated GIF.
PixelRamen Application Screenshot

Creative fun is at the heart of PixelRamen.

Created by a team of artists and developers PixelRamen is a fun way to create retro decorated images and animated GIFs.

We wanted to create an application that could allow users to mix images and create GIFs just as a DJ mixes samples and creates loops.

PixelRamen runs all its effects and processes in real-time so you’re not waiting for hour glasses and progress bars. We wanted you to be able to create at the speed you imagine.

Use layers and masks – a powerful combination to add complexity to your scene.

Use sprite sheets and flipbooks directly in PixelRamen.

We’d love to see what you create, hashtag #pixelart and #pixelramen for a retweet from us! ♡

How does it work?

Import Images, Photos, or even GIFs

Import an image to the background to start. Then import more images to the midground and foreground layers. Add masks if needed. Load a GIF sticker from your local hard drive or directly from the web.

Apply and mix creative effects in real-time.

Creatively add and tweak effects in real-time with no delay. Mix in Pixelization, Dithering, Filters, Lens Distortion and more. Animate your layers using Flipbooks and Panners and Mask out areas using Layer Masks.

Export your masterpiece to an image or animated GIF.

Watch your masterpiece playing in real-time and when you're ready hit the export button. Your work of art will be either captured as a still image or recorded as an animated GIF. You have full control over resolution (max 1080px) frames per second (1-15fps) and duration.

Upload your masterpiece to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Giphy, Tumblr and pretty much anywhere you can imagine.

Pixel Ramen Screenshot

How do I get started?

Check out this short getting started with GIF stickers video.
There’s many more introduction videos coming for PixelRamen in the near future including videos for new and upcoming planned features.

Available on Steam

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit compatible
  • RAM: 4gb or more
  • Processor: Dual Core or above
  • GPU: Dedicated recommended
  • Hard Drive Space: 300mb or more
  • An Internet connection is required for product activation